Kuna Pumping Service

Serving Kuna and surrounding areas for three decades, ABC Pumping Services provides residential and commercial pumping and drain services. We are locally owned and operated, and always provide free estimates! When a septic issue has you worried about what to do next, how to prevent damage, or how to remedy damage that has occurred, do not hesitate to contact us!

Commercial and Residential Services

At ABC Pumping Services, we offer commercial and residential pumping, drainage, and sewage-related services in Kuna and surrounding areas. We serve a variety of business types, including:

  • Hotels;
  • Gyms;
  • Motels;
  • Gas stations;
  • Restaurants;
  • Fast food restaurants; and
  • Car wash companies.

For these businesses, we provide myriad commercial services, including cleaning of car wash tracks and pumps sumps and disposal; cleaning, inspecting, and maintaining grease traps and drains; diagnosing and correcting odors in drains; services and repairs for pools, ponds, and hot tubs; and repairs of alarm systems on lift pumps. Whether your business is dealing with a clogged drains or an emergency issue, we can help.

For residential homeowners, are services are focused on septic systems. Our septic services include septic tank pumping, liquid waste hauling, cesspool pumping services, sewer pumping services, repairing irrigation vaults, drain field repair, and pond and pool maintenance and repairs.

Why to Contact Us for Septic System Maintenance Today

If it has been while since you last contacted a professional for septic system maintenance, today is the day to do so! Failing to service your septic system can have major consequences. Consider these major reasons why you should contact us today for septic system maintenance:

  • A poorly maintained septic system is a health hazard. Perhaps most importantly, if you fail to perform regular maintenance on your septic system, you are risking a potential health hazard. When wastewater isn’t properly treated, or when clogs and flooding occur, the wastewater can contaminate ground and drinking water, making people seriously ill.
  • A septic problem is expensive to fix. Another reason why you should contact us for maintenance is that failing to maintain your septic system could lead to a breakdown later on, which could be very expensive to fix. Preventing breakdowns with regular maintenance saves money and prevents stress.
  • We’re the best in the business. If you know that you need septic system maintenance but aren’t sure why you should contact us, consider that we have more than 30 years’ worth of experience servicing septic systems in Kuna and surrounding areas! We know what we’re doing.

Contact Us Today

In addition to our regular maintenance and repair services, we also provide around-the-clock, 24/7 emergency repair services! If you have an emergency sewage or drainage issue, our professionals are here to help! You can reach us for emergency repairs by calling us directly.

To schedule an appointment, or for all other inquiries, you can call us at208-954-5339 or write us a message using the form on our website. We will respond to all inquiries promptly.